Thursday, August 9, 2012

Working with Blogger (tutoral 1)

 Blogger is a free website provided by google. This is one of the free website where you can make posts relating to your articles and share your creativity and knowledge. Blogger is the most used free website site. This is very much easy and simple to use. Here I will provide you some simple tips that you need to follow to know the basic knowledge of blogger. Later, I will post some advace tutorals about blog that will help you earn few bicks online using blogger.

                                   TIPS ABOUT WORKING IN BLOGGER
             (if you already have a gmail account the please proceed from step 2. )

step 1.  Open and sign up in gmail

step 2. After your account have been created in gmail, open a new tab and goto

step 3. After that you will be redirected to bloggerdash board. Here you will see a tab called "New blog" like in the image given below. By clicking this, you will create a new blog i.e a new website. You can create as many websites as your need. 

step 4. You can put any name in the blog title that represents your blog; like "tips for online earnings" for this blog that you see on the top of this page. Give any address to your site and this will be your stie URL.

step 5. After you have created a blog, it will appear in the blog listings. 


step 6. Click on the blog that you have created. This will show all the detailed information about your blog.

So these are the first things that you should do for working in a blog. You can also see these steps in this video I will teach you how to create, edit and publish posts in my next postIf you have any query then please post a comment here. Till then good luck.

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